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Romanus IV Diogenes (AD 1068-1071)

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Byzantinisch/byzantin Romanus IV Diogenes (AD 1068-1071), with Eudocia, Michael VII, Constantius and Andronicus. AV histamenon nomisma (4.39 gm). Constantinople. +P?MAN'-?V?OKIA, Christ standing facing on footstool, wearing nimbus cruciger, pallium and colobium, crowning Romanus (on left) and Eudocia (on right), both standing facing, each wearing saccos and loros with globus cruciger in inner hand, IC-XC on either side of Christ's head, double border Michael (in center), Constantius (on left) and Andronicus (on right) all beardless and standing facing on circular footstools, Michael wearing crown, saccos and loros, labarum in right hand, acacia in left, his two brothers each wearing same costume, Constantius with globus cruciger in right hand, acacia in left, Andronicus vice versa, double border. Sear 1859. extremely fine