E-Live Auction No.9 Part 1 - Detail

Archiv vom 19.10.2018 um 10:00 Uhr MEZ

Los. Nr: 1

ROMAN EMPIRE, Diocletian, 284-305

Start Preis: 24'000.00 CHF
Prachtexemplar FDC Erstabschlag


ROMAN EMPIRE, Diocletian, 284-305, AV Aureus (294-305), Treveri. Belorb. Bust r. Rs.Jupiter with lightning and scepter l. standing, in section PT. 5,04g. Exceptional embossing fr. Prachtex. with telephone calls a.d. Cheek, a. Rd. And in the field d. Rs. RIC 6.165.15, GOLD, embossed, unique in this condition FDC