E-Live Auction No.9 Part 1 - Detail

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Phocas. 602-610.Solidus

Start Preis: 400.00 CHF
Verkauft für: 400.00 CHF
Phocas. 602-610.Solidus


Byzantinisch/byzantin Phocas. 602-610.Solidus (4.46 g), AD Constantinople. O N FOCUS PERP AVG, draped and cuirassed bust of Phocus facing, wearing crown, holding, globus cruciger. Reverse: VICTORI[A] AVGG, E (officina letter), Angel standing facing, holding a long staff surmounted by a staurogram, in right hand, and globus cruciger, in left, in exergu, CONOB. SB 618, DOC 5. Areas of weakness including legend, which is incomplete, and on the angel's face. about extremely fine